Outlaws For Hire

Outlaws For Hire are a unique group of Hollywood Character Actors who are Commissioned Cowboys, Bounty Hunters, Gamblers, and Gunslingers who’s assignment is an 1870’s,80’s, and 90’s experience . This is a live action, Western Early Americana Cowboy themed entertainment troupe specializing in live action/comedy Western Cowboy performances which involve pistol firing, bull whip cracking, breakaway bottles, a combination of western historical tales, folklore, and history along with current pop culture making our show fun for all and more. We have performed in many cities across California, Nevada, Arizona, for clients that include The Law Firm of Quinn and Emanuel summer corporate picnic at the Rose Bowl, Barcelona Spirits Western Bourbon and BBQ Festival, as well as films and music videos.

We were established during the summer of 2007 when actor/stunt coordinator Ted Shred and about nine other western cowboy enthusiasts/actors got together for the purpose of bringing a new element of atmosphere, live interactive experiences, and entertainment to private and corporate parties, Festivals, conventions, and marketing. We bring the element of fun, excitement, and adventure to every event, whether it’s a child’s birthday party, a corporate event, a parade, a multi-day festival, or a charity fundraiser we do them all. “All For Fun and Fun For All!”

We have a large fan base and social media following that we take pride in and it keeps growing with each event. Our fans, guests, and clients will all attest that there is nothing comparable to an Outlaws For Hire event (Unless it is our sister company Pirates For Hire). Our business is entertainment! Utilizing our skills of improvisation, comedy, acting, stunts, and audience participation, we can create a memorable adventure and an outrageously fun time for all!

We own a vast array of detailed, over-the-top movie props such as Saloon facades, western town facades, faux livestock, saddles, cow skulls, straw bales,  barrels, lanterns, rope, corral fencing, water tower with gold panning sluice, Horse and carriages, donkeys, mules, cows, buffalo, goats, sheep, and petting zoos . We can design and create a western tavern, saloon, and casino, Miners encampment, and cowboy camp fire with chuck wagon. We also have Western Bars, Tables and Seating like Picnic Tables with Benches.

Since our beginnings in the early 2000’s, Outlaws For Hire has developed and grown to over a dozen and a dirty down right scoundrel dozen of professionally trained actors and techs with many film and television credits that you and your guests will definitely recognize from the silver screen. Our gun slinging guys and gals are highly trained in stage combat, black powder weaponry, bullwhips, throwing axes, throwing knives, etc. Our highly detailed and distressed Outlaw, cowboy, cowgirl, wrangler, rustler costumes along with our fancy gambler, saloon girl, and town folk character looks allow us to become the most believable Outlaw/cowboys you’ve ever seen! Our look-a-likes are considered the best by our clients. We also provide top quality cowboy, western, blue grass, Americana folk bands and poets/balladeers, variety acts like Western-themed magicians, fortune tellers, pick pockets, Can-can saloon hall dancers, fire performers, trick shooters, precision knife/tomahawk throwers… and so much more! If you can think of it, odds are that we can do it!